Pacemaker Implantation

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Why is pacemaker implantation required

Healthy human heart can make its own rhythm with a natural pacemaker that regulates the beats of the heart at a normal pace. However, sometimes, heart might not function regularly and would require a pacemaker to take care of the pace and to rectify the issue. Having a pacemaker implantation procedure would help you have a steady heart rate as the device can adjust the heartbeat by sensing it when it is very slow, irregular or very fast. It contacts the heart muscles by delivering electric impulses through its electrodes to regulate the heartbeat. You would be advised to undergo pacemaker implantation for various reasons which might be actually fatal for your life.
• Very slow level of heartbeat, also known as bradycardia or fast heartbeat at an abnormal level, known as supraventricular tachycardia.
• When the heart's senatorial node gets damaged.
• When you suffer from a heart block, the electrical signals that regulate your heartbeat would not be transmitted correctly.
• When the electric signals faces an issue it can make the heart to stop functioning thereby ruling out any heartbeat causing a cardiac arrest.

Procedure Details:

During the pacemaker implantation procedure, the tiny electrical device known as the pacemaker would be implanted in the patient's chest. This pacemaker that is fitted through the surgical procedure would transmit electric pulses at a regular pace to keep the human heart beat in a normal way. This surgical method is highly useful for you as it would help your heart to beat in rhythm and is a lifesaver for many with heart issues. This small device is made of metal and weighs just 20 g to 50 g and have wires attached to it. This device can be adjusted based on the requirements of your body and has the ability to sense if your heartbeat is not normal and regulates it by sending signals.

About pacemaker implantation:

This is a straight forward surgical procedure that is performed after administering local anaesthesia, which means the patient would remain awake during the entire process that lasts for nearly an hour. You can follow your daily routine within a short time and would be advised to refrain from strenuous activities for 4 to 6 weeks.

Cost of Pacemaker in India starts at 5200 US Dollars. To know more about it please share your reports on or whatsapp/viber/imo to +918130077375.

(Please note this is a tentative plan and actual Costs are based on reports shared. Final treatment plan and estimation will be provided after the patient has been evaluated.)

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