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What is a Brain Tumor?

An abnormal growth of cells in the brain is called Brain Tumor. This condition can be seen in both adults and children. Brain tumors can be categorized into cancerous (malignant) and non-cancerous (benign). Kidney cancer, lung cancer, melanoma and breast cancer can also spread to the brain.

What Causes Brain Tumors?

There is no as such proven cause of brain tumors. However, some of the causes include -

  • A family history of genetic disorders
  • People with low immune system
  • Exposure to radiation

Symptoms of Brain Tumors

Headaches are considered as the most common symptoms of a brain tumor. Further symptoms are -

  • Problems with memory
  • Seizures
  • Weakness in one part of the body
  • Problems while walking
  • Changes in hearing and speech
  • Tingling or numbness in the arms or legs
  • Personality changes
  • Balance problems
  • Unable to concentrate
  • Changes in vision

Brain Tumor Surgery

Brain tumors can be removed by the means of surgery. Surgery is the only treatment for non-cancerous (benign) tumors. Whereas cancerous (malignant) tumors require chemotherapy or radiation treatment along with the surgery. Improving overall quality of life by reducing symptoms is the main aim for this surgery.

Proton therapy is considered one of the best treatment for brain tumors. Proton therapy minimizes side effects and long term complications can be avoided. Proton therapy uses higher doses of radiation for targeting brain cancer. This also causes less damage to the surrounding tissues.

Benefits of Brain Tumor Surgery

The potential benefits will depend upon the individual situation. The goal is to cure several types of brain tumor at once. A brain tumor treatment can improve symptoms and improve quality of life.

Recovery after Brain Tumor Surgery

A patient is recommended for speech therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. The aim of these therapies is to speed up the recovery period so that the patient may get on with his routine life as soon as possible.

Success and Survival Rate for Brain Tumors

Survival rate for a brain tumor depends on multiple factors such as size, location and type of tumor. The survival rate is determined in terms of percentage of people who survive for 5 years after being diagnosed of having a brain tumor.

Cost of Brain Tumor Surgery

India is known worldwide for its advanced medical facilities and promising technology for brain tumor surgery. Some of the best hospitals for brain tumor can be found in India. Also the cost of brain tumor surgery in India is substantially lower than other developed countries of the world.

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